Company Mission

ULTRA Company’s main goal for the next 5 years is to become the company providing regional complex solutions (software hardware), and for the next 10 years is to become one of the leading European companies.
To achieve the goal means quality of products and services and our customers’ satisfaction.


Fulfilled Missions:

In the Sphere of Education
•    The First Mobile Wireless Education Systems in Baku and the CIS were granted to schools;
•    Wireless zones were created in 18 state universities;
•    Regional schools were supplied with notebooks and projectors for education modernization;
•    Creation of e-Education and e-Administration system in 2 secondary schools;
•    Preparation of interactive tutorials within the framework of e-Education project.

In Humanitarian Sphere
•    Introduction of preferential credit system for students for a three-year payment period;
•    Holding award-winning (notebook) competitions among university students;
•    Support of ICT Academic Competition in Nakhchivan;
•    Awarding scholarships to students;
•    One of co-founders of Education Development Fund;
•    Support of IT Academy opening in Sumgayit

In The sphere of ICT
•    Acquiring the highest status of Intel Corporation;
•    Introduction of new technologies in Azerbaijan for the first time in the CIS.   

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