Company History

• 1999 – Founded as a distributor company;
• 2001 – Obtaining of Intel® Premier Provider status and widening of the activities;
• 2003 – Production of "NEXUS" notebooks;
• 2004 – Creation of the serious IT solutions and setting of the Wireless systems;
• 2004 – Establishment of the  "Ultra Soft" company;
• 2005 – Application of the international quality standards ISO 9001:2000;
• 2005 – Obtaining of the official statuses from International Companies;
• 2006 – Creation of the complex solutions for large entities, international market entry, application of the corporative standards;
• 2007 – Creation of e-Education, licensing, legalization, audit and consulting services;
• 2008 – Launching the implementation of the significant projects, such as e-Signature, e-Document workflow, construction of the biggest planetarium in South Caucasus;

The First Time in our IT History

• Production of the “NEXUS” national brand notebooks in Azerbaijan, which is the first national production in the region;
• Creation of the wireless internet zones in Azerbaijan, which is for the first time in the region;
• Provision of all state universities (18) with wireless network for the first time in Azerbaijan;
• Automizing of the accounting and management systems in various large bodies;
•  Carrying out 2 World Premières in Azerbaijan (for dual core and core 2 quad server and notebook systems)

 E-Document Workflow

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