•    “United management portal of secondary specialty education system” has been created for colleges by Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan and ULTRA company:
•    The official site of Azerbaijan Republic’s first lady Mehriban Aliyeva was developed by Press service of the Foundation named after Heydar Aliyev and with the technical support of  ULTRA company:
•    ULTRA company has implemented the automated “Electronic Document workflow” system for NIKOIL bank.
•    By implementing E-learning system the conducting of the lessons electronically have been organized.
•    The official web site of Haydar Aliyev Foundation has been created. The 3D virtual tour of the museum that is in the foundation has been developed.
•    The base has been created for education’s nostrification electronization in the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic.
•    ULTRA company has developed ”Eurovision 2012” song contest’s portal and the company has been awarded with the honor decree of Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of the Republic  of Azerbaijan.
•    The full infrastructure of the State Agency “ASAN SERVICE”s centre number 1 on the Service to the Citizens and Social Innovations attached to the Prezident of Azerbaijan Republic has been built, the integration systems has been implemented and its official site has been developed on basis of the latest technologies.
•    The warehouse program that is on 1C platform has been implemented for Bellona shop.
•    The site Fly to Baku has been developed by ULTRA Company with the support of Haydar Aliyev Foundation.
•    The module of the lesson schedule’s preparation automatically has been implemented in E-learning system.


•    The project ‘Financial Monitoring Service’ based on 1C has been implemented in National Bank.
•    The project ‘Social Program Management’ has been implemented in Ministry of Economic Development of Azerbaijan Republic.
•    Ultra Company was involved as a mediator during the signing of Enterprise Agreement, long-term license agreement on software licensing between the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan and by Microsoft.
•    The project ‘E-signature’ has been implemented by Ultra and Microsoft Azerbaijan under the guidance of Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies and complies with the law on ‘Electronic signature and electronic document’ of Azerbaijan Republic.
•    Megapolis Doc.Net electronic document workflow project was implemented in the Data Center under the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan.



•     E-education system was applied in more than 20 schools within the Azerbaijan Republic State Program on Education Informatization for 2008-2012.
•    “Megapolis DocNet” E-document workflow  and “HRM – administration of personnel” system were applied   in the Ministry of Economic Development of the Azerbaijan Republic.
•    "Microsoft Enterprise Agreement" licensing program  was applied in the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan,  UniBank  and XalqBank.



•    Building of full IT infrastructure of the Ministry of Education Information and Resource Center established within the frames of the Azerbaijan Republic State Program on Education Informatization for 2008-2012. Setting up a server room, installation of observation cameras, security fingerprint system and modern telecommunication and computer equipment in the Data Center.
•    Installation of wireless network and server in RAMADA Hotel.   
•    Installation of IP telephony, IT infrastructure and pass-entry VIRDI system in the building of the Ministry of Education.
•    Carrying out server reinstallation works in the International Relations and Accounting Centre of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies.
•    Initiating implementation of UniBank corporate licensing program. "Microsoft Enterprise Agreement" licensing program was launched.
•    Building of IT infrastructure in AzerSu OJSC new building.
•    Building of full IT infrastructure and setting up a server room in the new building of the Ministry of Justice State Register Service and implementation of other telecommunications works.
•    Launching corporate licensing program in the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan.



•    Building of IT infrastructure in the museum named after Heydar Aliyev in Ismayilli rayon.
•    Barda rayon Executive Authority was fully equipped with up-to-date Information Telecommunication equipment.  
•    Building of IT infrastructure and construction of the largest PLANETARIUM in the CIS in Modern Educational Complex of Gazakh rayon.
•    Shahdagh Winter Tourism Olympic Complex head office was equipped with computer equipment and telecommunication devices.
•    Building of general IT infrastructure and provision of software for "Crown Hotel".
•    Building of IT infrastructure in Bank Avrasiya Sumgayit city Reserve Center.
•    Baku city EDUCATION DEPARTMENT was fully equipped with up-to-date IT equipment and wireless network was built.
•    Medical University was equipped with up-to-date computer equipment and special equipment for multimedia lessons.
•    O2 clinic was fully equipped with information telecommunication equipment.
•    School named after Zarifa Aliyeva, Lyceum No.6  and a number of schools were provided with special computers as well as interactive whiteboards and projectors for using multimedia tutorials.     
•    Building of IT infrastructure of some ZaminBank branch offices.
•    Launching such important projects as E-EDUCATION, E-DOCUMENT WORKFLOW, E-SIGNATURE.  


2005 - 2006 - 2007

•    Building of wireless network in "Ambassador" hotel.
•    Building of Azerbaijan State Economic University IT infrastructure.
•    Examination classrooms of State Road Police in Baku and Sumgayit city, as well as 12 rayons were equipped with special computers and special software for SRP test examinations.
•    Building of IT infrastructure in Xalq Bank branch offices.
•    Computerization of schools in all Azerbaijan regions within the framework of e-School project.



•    Building of Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan (AFFA) IT infrastructure.
•    Equipping of BSI and AzStandard Service head office with computer equipment and building of wireless network.  
•    ULTRA Company in association with Intel Corporation created wireless internet access zone (HOT SPOT ZONE) in Baku Business Center located in National Park for the first time in Azerbaijan and South Caucasus.  
•    ULTRA Company with the assistance of Nakhchivan AR Executive Authority, Nakhchivan City Administration, the Azerbaijan Republic Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and Intel Corporation applied new approach to education with the application of up-to-date computer technologies in Nakhchivan city secondary school No.3 in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic for the first time in the CIS.  

 Electronic Education

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