Variety of Services:

Warranty service
Post-warranty service
Service maintenance
Contractual service
Creation of server room
Creation of network
Network support
Information recovery
Antivirus prophylaxis
Establishment of security and video surveillance systems

Service Equipment:

Office equipment
Power supply
Peripheral equipment
Computer and notebooks


Software Installation (Reinstallation) – Standard Package
Microsoft Windows 9x, 2k Pro, XP Pro Microsoft Office 9x, 2k, XP, 2003Norton Antivirus 2003, 2005 + Updates
Installation of additional software (1 product)
Setting and Internet (Dial-UP) connection
Setting and Internet (ADSL) connection
Installation/ Setting/ Replacement of Equipment
Hard disk + formatting (discount with installation)
Graphics card (accelerator 3D + setting for maximal performance)
Matrox video editing board
Power-supply unit
Sound card
Motherboard (OS + drivers)
Optical devices
Floppy / card reader
Lan card + drivers
PC prophylaxis (depending on configuration)
PC diagnosis
Virus removal (depending on the installed software)
Information recovery
BIOS update (motherboard)
Printers A4/A3
Equipment Prophylaxis
IP Equipment Installation and Setting
ADSL modem installation and setting
ADSL ROUTER installation and setting
ADSL Wi-Fi ROUTER installation and setting
IP cameras installation and setting
AP installation and setting
Wi-fi client
Office PBX Installation
PBX installation + programming (excluding material cost)
Patch panel installation
LAN Installation and Setting
Installation of server on the base of WIN2k Server or WIN2003 Server
Installation of mail server on the base of Mdaemon (setting)
Installation of proxy server on the base of Microsoft Isa Server (main setting)
Installation of proxy server on the base of WinRoute (main setting)
Installation of proxy server on the base of WinGate (main setting)
Corporate antivirus security installation and setting
Installation of RJ-45 sockets
Patch panel installation

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